US buys almost the entire global supply of the only medicine which treats Covid-19

The administration of the US President Donald Trump has bought almost the entire global supply of the medicine Remdesivir. This is the first medicine approved by the FDA in the US to treat patients suffering from Covid-19.  The medicine is made by the American company Gilead Sciences.

The medicine helps Coronavirus patients to recover more quickly. A statement by the US  health department said that Trump has a phenomenal agreement with Gilead for 500,000 doses of this medicine which amount to 100% of the entire production by Gilead in July, 90% of the production in August and 90% of the production in September.

Meanwhile South Korea has begun administering its patients with its supply of Remdesivir. The supply in South Korea was given as a donation by Gilead Sciences while discussions are taking place for the country to buy more supplies in August. It is not yet know how many doses of the medicine the American company donated to South Korea.

Patients who are eligible for Remdesivir are limited to those who have pneumonia and require oxygen therapy. Remdesivir is an anti-viral medicine which was used against Ebola. During clinical trials in various hospitals around the world, it was proved that the medicine reduces the symptoms of Covid-19 from 15 days to 11.