US medical experts not agreeing on whether Covid vaccine should be given to everyone

A controversy has arisen in the US, with experts not agreeing whether the Covid booster should be given to everyone or to those who are most vulnerable.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) experts are of the opinion the third dose should only be given to the over-65s and the vulnerable, whereas the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is insisting this booster dose is necessary.

According to the CDC, the best vaccine against Covid is the Moderna dose, as it is the one that works longest in the body. This is followed by the Pfizer vaccine. The least effective vaccine is Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen dose.

The US Government wants the booster to be given to everyone. It has been criticised by poor countries worldwide, who are saying they don’t even have enough vaccines for the first dose for everyone,

The US authorities are concerned that this lack of agreement between the FDC and CDC will increase scepticism among those who are refusing to get vaccinated.