US mother tortured, killed and kept the bodies of her two children in a freezer

In the United States, a Detroit woman received a life prison  sentence after being found guilty of the torture and murder of her children, whose bodies she kept in a freezer.

Without showing any remorse, 36-year old Mitchelle Blair admitted in Court of torturing and killing her daughter Stoni Ann, 13 years of age and her 9-year old son.


Blair testified that after killing her son in August 2012, she wrapped him in a bed sheet and put him in a freezer.  She admitted punching him, forcing him to drink a detergent. The woman further grabbed him by the neck with a belt and placed a basket over his head until he lost consciousness.  Nine months later, Blair killed her daughter by suffocating her with a plastic bag and ordered her other daughter to put her in the freezer near her brother.

The presiding judge expressed the hope that her  other children will overcome this tragedy and accused the mother of imposing the death penalty on her children calling the case “the house of horror”.

In was in March, that authorities found the bodies of the children in the house’s freezer where they had been hidden for over a year.  The accused other children – an 11 and 17-year olds – were place under protective custody.  They recounted stories of their mother regularly beating them.  Allegations of the abuses were reported in 2002 and 2005, but the mother was given permission to keep custody of the children

A few days before being arrested, Blair said on Facebook: “there is nothing more beautiful than being a mother”.



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