USA: Rare bird attacks and kills his owner

The owner of a huge and very dangerous bird (owing to its long talons) was killed after being attacked by the bird subsequent to falling in the courtyard of his residence in Florida, United States.

According to CNN reports, the 75 year old bird owner, Marvin Hajo 75 called for help on Friday morning, while another call for urgent medical help was made later that day by a person who went on site to assist the him.

Hajo was taken to the nearest hospital, where he died a shortly after. The bird – a Cassowary, similar to an emu, but larger in size, was left at the victim’s residence pending investigations into the case.

Apparently the bird owner used to breed rare birds from Australia and New Guinea. The death was considered accidental, and it appears that as soon as the man fell he was immediately attacked by the bird.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has said that these birds are hazardous to humans and should be kept in special cages, and that their owners should be experienced.

Despite not being regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in the world on a par with lions, tigers and bears, the cassowary is considered the most dangerous bird in the world, because of its sharp talons which cut like a knife.

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