‘Vaccination rollout at elderly homes completed earlier than scheduled’ – Minister Farrugia

“The Covid-19 vaccination rollout at elderly homes has been completed earlier than scheduled”.

This was announced by Elderly Persons and Ageing Minister Michael Farrugia who said that the government’s elderly homes have to offer the highest standards in the country with regards to the attention and events for elderly residents.

Minister Farrugia stated that over 3,700 residents and over 2,800 workers have received the vaccine’s second dose, adding that the second dose distibution offers great challenges.

The process, through the collaboration between the Authority for Social Protection Standards and Active Ageing and Care in the Community, consists in collecting the vaccine, transportation, its reconstruction and administration, and the records registering process.

The Minister referred to the vaccination rollout to elderly persons in the community, who are home-bound, which started at the end of January. He also announced that from Monday, 8th March, vaccination will commence of Gozitan elderly persons with mobility problems at their private residence.

Meanwhile, the first dose of the vaccine was given to 1,285 elderly persons by yesterday, while 641 elderly persons received the second dose at their private residence. Minister Farrugia appealed to those elderly persons and workers who have not yet been vaccinated to receive the vaccine as soon as possible.