Valletta Baroque Music Festival 2020

The baroque music festival will come to an end with the last four concerts as the curtain closes after a series of concerts which have provided local and foreign audiences with some of the most beautiful elements of baroque music. The concert Nel Mezzo del Cammin di Nostra Vita deals with the journey of the Divine Comedy by the legendary Dante Aligheri from a unique perspective.

The concert at Verdala Palace is based on a musical journey that transports the audience to the three worlds that await them after their mortal life inspired by vivid descriptions of Alghieri during his Divine Comedy.

Even the legendary and historical figure of Gaius Julius Ceaser will be under the musical lens as the countertenor Raffaele Pe will join with his musical ensemble, La Lira di Orfeo, which bring out the characteristics of the General’s personality, who was known among other things, for his heroic acts. The concert Giulio Cesare, A Baroque Hero will be held on Friday at the Manoel Theatre.

The concert La Belle Danse at the archeology museum organized by the Valletta Baroque Ensemble and the Moveo Dance Company dancers will explore the rich repertoire and synergy between French and Italian melodies. Audiences will be able to admire collaboration between music and dance based on perfect harmony.

The concert which closes the curtain on the baroque music festival is the Bel Canto di Napoli at the Manoel Theatre, with an array of musical works written during the Golden Age of Naples with a series of arias written by composers Vivaldi, Porpora, Pergolesi, Hasse, Handel and other composers.

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