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Valletta comes to life with music, dance and song from now until October

The Valletta Cultural Agency has announced a programme of musical activities for the capital, “Belt il-Mużika“, which includes open air music concerts, pop up events and activities involving the participation of young musicians.

The musical style will vary from one activity to the next, from rock to pop and classics. Some of the performances will also include Maltese songs.

The Chairman of the Agency, Jason Micallef, said that the programme will transform the capital city into a city of music; a city which is alive and offers a continuous dose of culture to whoever visits it.

The programme began with a concert in Strait street entitled Xarulu which will continue next week with the concert Classique meets Pop in St John’s square, with singer Fiona Cauchi and harpist Lydia Buttigieg. In August there will be two concerts by pianist Francis Camilleri on the Fort St Elmo Granaries, and musical performances with a piano recital by Italian pianist Leonardo Bailaro, who will be accompanied by dancers at the theatre located within Valletta’s University campus.

The Agency Director, Joanna Attard Mallia, explained the aim behind this initiative,”We are trying to hold more events in common public spaces within the community and keep strengthening these spaces because they are there to be shared.”

X factor finalist Owen Leuellen will be the headliner of a concert in September which will take place at Mattia Preti square, following performances by the hip hop group, Street Elements. “I was raised in Valletta and I love it when I see composers or artists, especially those from Valletta, taking apart in something like this. With this project we can share our different musical styles, not only hip hop but other genres as well.”

The programme will continue until October with the project Tektika Kapitali which consists of three performances at Triton Foundation, Republic street and Upper Barakka with the participation of young musicians who can express their interest in taking part by the end of this month.

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