Vanuatu takes action after corpse found on the beach tests positive for Covid-19

Vanuatu has stopped travel for three days after it found a corpse on the beach which tested positive for Covid-19.  The authorities which found the corpse took the decision until the necessary contact tracing is carried out.

On 11 April, the lifeless body of a Filipino sailor was found near Port Villa one the island of Efate.

On the day of that macabre find, a tanker flying the UK flag reported that a member of its crew was not on board the ship which was in the vicinity of Port Vila.

The authorities at the Port of Vanuatu asked for the tanker to return to the harbour while a search and rescue operation was carried out.

The tanker ended up being seized by the authorities until the body of the crew member was found. When the body was taken to the mortuary, an autopsy found that the man tested positive for Covid.

It is not yet known whether the man died from Covid or how he ended up on the beach.
Like many of the isolated islands in the Pacific, Vanuatu has had very few registered Covid cases. According to the John Hopkins university, out of a population of 300,000, the country only found 3 cases of Covid-19.
16 police officers are now in quarantine after they found the body while the authorities are urging the public to have a swab test.