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Vehicles driven under new Marsa flyover for the first time

Changes in northbound lanes have led to vehicles passing for the first time under the first part of the flyover under construction.

Drivers going through the Marsa junction today could note the slight changes to the lanes at the point where one drives past the ONE complex.

A spokesman for Infrastructure Malta explained that despite these changes, the same number of lanes has been retained.

And besides, these changes are not linked to direction, and one does not have to make a choice in advance of the lane for his or her destination, as had been the case for the southbound lanes.

The spokesman reminded that for the moment, where work in ongoing, drivers should limit their speed to not more than 30km per hour, thus being always prepared for any lane changes they might find.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Frederick Azzopardi pointed out that there had not been any Santa Marija holiday for the workers toiling away on the Marsa junction project.

Engineer Azzopardi posted on social media that during last night the contractors laid down 277 tons of concrete to form the surface of one of the seven flyovers being built here. This surface, which will have four lanes, will join up with three other flyovers.


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