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Vehicles which run on diesel banned from German cities

German cities can now ban diesel vehicles following a Court decision.

The cities of Stuttgart and Dusseldorf can now legally ban old vehicles which run on diesel from areas which are the most heavily polluted.

The environmental lobby DUH  has brought forth many cases of pollution after round 70 German cities exceeded the EU levels of nitrogen gas emissions (NOx) in the air. These diesel emissions have been known to cause lung disease.

The Government, which was against the ban, said that this measure could still be avoided.

It is believed that the German Government will be working to introduce a national policy to ensure that the levels are consistent throughout the country.

Experts said that this decision may eventually spread throughout Europe.

However, the ban may create other proplems for industry because while diesel produces high levels of nitrogen gas emissions, it is the only fuel which emits very low levels of carbon dioxide – the gas which creates the greenhouse effect.