Vella: Situation in Libya is like a flickering flame and is still unstable

Foreign Affairs Minister George Vella said that the principle themes addressed by the Ministry over the last few months in the countries with which it is in contact were terrorism, radicalism, immigration, problems in the EU such as unemployment, whether the EU should be enlarged, and the situations in the Middle East and Libya. In another public consultation meeting, in the series Gvern Li Jisma’, Minister Vella last night said that the greatest challenge facing the country in the foreign affairs sector, was the European Presidency for the first six months of next year. He said that meetings were being held in advance with MEPs within the foreign affairs and development committees.

Questioned whether Malta would be taking on the Presidency for the full year, to take over the six months which were supposed to be presided over by the UK, Minister Vella said he felt it would be an exaggeration for Malta to take over the Presidency for the whole year.

Minister  Vella described Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage as irresponsible, after they led a campaign in favour of Brexit to now disappear, and said that no one ever imagined that the UK would ever end up in a situation such as this. Speaking about the effects of Brexit on Malta, Dr Vella said that the relationship which Malta has with the UK go back to the 70s, so it dates back much further than Malta’s membership in the EU.

He described the situation in Libya as one which has still not calmed down and compared it to a flickering flame, with the bloody war in Misrata still ongoing.