VIDEO: 26-year-old man from Mosta loses his life in first fatal accident of the year


The first fatal accident of the year has taken the life of Matthew Azzopardi, a young man, aged 26, from Mosta. As a result of the accident at Independence Avenue, Mosta, he was trapped under a pick up van.

The Police told that the accident took place at around 9.50pm on New Year’s Day when there was a collision between the Suzuki motorcycle which the young man was riding and an Isuzu van driven by a 3-year-old man from Dingli.

Members of the Civil Protection Department, police officers and a medical team from Mater Dei were on site to assist the victim. He was certified dead shortly after he arrived at the hospital.

A Magisterial inquiry is being conducted by Magistrate C.Farrugia Frendo who appointed several forensic experts who are preparing technical reports about the accident.

The Police investigations are still underway.