Video: Austria warns of risk of blackout in Europe – “stock up on food and water”

The Austrian Defence Minister has warned citizens about a major blackout that can happen over the next five years, saying this occurrence could leave millions of European citizens without electricity supplies for many weeks.

In recent weeks Austria urgently warned its citizens that the country could end up without an electricity supply. It urged them through an official notice that in the event the country ends up without electricity, they should start stockpiling food, water, batteries and fuel for at least a fortnight during which the country would end up with electric power.

International media reports that closely analyse the energy market say the crisis in the sector goes beyond the heavy increase in electricity bills being faced by European families.

It has been stated that many governments are warning their citizens that not only will they have to pay much more for electricity consumption, but even worse, they need not pay for any consumption in the event the continent ends up without electricity supplies.

Analysts are saying the risk is far worse than the population, in general, might be thinking.

It is stated that in January this year Europe was very close to being hit by an enormous blackout. This happened on 8 January, when the UK, France and Italy were going to end up with total countrywide blackouts. In fact, the British had to take unprecedented measures to provide the country with electricity. This, they added, was one of the first symptoms of an energy crisis, with experts forecasting Europe would be one of the first to be hit by this crisis.

It has been stressed that whilst electricity demand is increasing enormously, energy generated by renewable sources is not enough to keep up with this demand.

Experts stated it is only the Austrian Government that has spoken out so openly to its citizens about the real risk of Europe ending up without any power.

By means of a five-minute video accompanied by specific instructions, the Austrian Army explained to its citizens the scenario they might face and how they should act in such a situation.

Among other issues, they outlined the use by citizens of various tunnels and infrastructure on a daily basis. According to the Austrian defence ministry, however, the blackout is just the beginning of the problem, because restoration of supplies and the restart of telephony, internet and other infrastructural systems will take much longer.

The citizens are also advised about the non-operation of ATMs, mobile phones, rail networks, lifts, water supplies and water treatment plants, and air-conditioning systems, among others, with the consequences outlined to Austrian citizens: “Have you ever given thought to the fact that everything depends on electricity?”

What is really alarming in this warning is the measures recommended by the military to Austrian citizens, giving a picture that seems to be taken from an apocalyptic video. “A battery-operated radio, candles, torches, two litres of water per person for between three and five days, food for two weeks, cash, medicines and various other necessities.”

“No one knows exactly what will happen in a blackout. What is certain is that the situation will take longer to return to normal,” the first official message of warning from a European country concluded, pointing out that European experts know this will happen. The only question is: When?