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VIDEO: ‘Dar tal-Bebbux’ in Ħal Għaxaq recognised as a historical heritage

‘Dar tal-Bebbux’ in Ħal Għaxaq has been scheduled with Grade Two protection by the Planning Authority and will now be protected and recognised as a local historical heritage.

The house, which is renowned  for its covering with seashells, goes back to the 19th Century when its owner Indri Dimech, known as l-Mikk, started placing the seashells on the house facade in 1898. Three years later, he concluded his work that created a historical facade as we know it today.

Information gathered by Television Malta shows that Indri used to collect the seashells from shores around Malta and even at far away seas, as he was renowned for his sailing towards the Middle East.

Ħal Għaxaq mayor, Darren Abela, told TVM that the house scheduling is an important step to preserve a historic and tourist site at the centre of the locality.

Meanwhile, the Planning Authority also scheduled in Grade One a 17th Century Knights era structure in Mqabba. The structure is situated in a field and was scheduled during the Knights era as part of the Old Hospital.