VIDEO: Destiny says she is very happy with the outfit she chose and appeals to women to feel comfortable the way they are

During her press conference, Maltese singer Destiny reacted to the many comments about her appearance during the first rehearsal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

Speaking firmly and with assertiveness, Destiny said that she is very happy with the outfit she chose and feels very confident.

“I am very happy with the way I look and this is the message of the song Je Me Casse which is about female empowerment. I believe in myself, I feel I look good on stage, and that is why I wore this outfit,” said the Maltese ambassador who gave a great rendition of her song with her unique voice.

Destiny added that she feels confident and wants all women out there to feel comfortable with themselves the way they are, and to believe that they are beautiful as they are, while being met by applause from the journalists in the room, for this strong message by the young Maltese singer.