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VIDEO: Destiny’s ‘Je Me Casse’ launched

Following weeks of heavy commitment, PBS has launched the video and the song ‘Je Me Casse’ with which singer Destiny will represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in May.

Je Me Casse is a very lively song that instills a positive sensation in listeners.

The song includes a number of music genres from electro to pop and shows a lively aspect of  Destiny.

Excuse my French, ‘Je Me Casse’ is about a woman with a very strong character who urges other women like her to believe in themselves.

In fact, the story of the video is about a youth who tries to do everything possible to attract the attention of a woman. The woman, however, does not show any interest in him and tries to get rid of him.

The video shows Destiny as a woman who believes in herself, wants to have fun and knows what she wants.

The song also has a message for women to have confidence in themselves, with the support of other women like them.

Je Me Casse is a production of various international artists and is inspired by strong voices like those of Patti LaBelle, mainly the song Lady Marmalade.