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Video: Everything in readiness for tonight’s Calleja-Bocelli concert on the Granaries

Everything is in readiness for tonight’s much-awaited concert at the Floriana Granaries, where thousands of music enthusiasts are expected to gather to listen to the enchanting music and melodious voices of Joseph Calleja and Andrea Bocelli. This is the day of tenor Joseph Calleja’s annual concert, this year celebrating the 20th anniversary of when Calleja started giving this annual concert in Malta.

For this anniversary Calleja will be sharing the honours with world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli. This despite the fact that in recent days Bocelli cancelled two concerts in Spain due to severe bronchitis.

In excellent weather conditions the Granaries are expected to start welcoming the audience at about 7.15 p.m., with the concert expected to start at about 8.30 p.m. Apart from the magnificent voices of the two tenors, the stage will be enlivened with music by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as accompaniment from a children’s choir.

Photographs and videos captured by a drone show the setting for tonight’s concert, with the stage being the largest ever set up for this concert. As always, this is expected to be a spectacular event which should enthral the audience.

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