VIDEO: Five new fire tenders to cope with narrow village streets and lanes

Civil Protection personnel now have five new fire tenders with which they can carry out their duties more effectively in order to save the lives of people trapped by fires in residences in narrow streets and/or lanes in towns and villages.

The new vehicles, the result of a 1.5 million euro investment, were inaugurated by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri during a media conference in which the Minister announced that the Government is showing it is prepared to invest as much as possible in the country’s safety.

These vehicles will be helping the Civil Protection Department to be better prepared to face daily realities, including challenges posed by small spaces like lanes and narrow roads which characterise certain Maltese and Gozitan towns and villages.

“With these five tenders, every station will now have the best possible equipment, with the Department being better able to assist in the event of an accident in these localities. This investment is the result of a clear plan by the Government to think ahead and prepare for every eventuality,” Minister Camilleri added.

Civil Protection Department Director-General Emanuel Psaila explained that these vehicles are the first of their type in Europe, and will therefore be making a big difference in people’s lives.