VIDEO: Man chases other driver with a piece of wood and breaks his window in road rage incident

Two drivers who yesterday argued over how one of them was driving ended up in what looked like a scene from a farce in Triq Mikien Anton Vassalli in Swieqi. The argument was captured on film and was posted on social media.

The Police told TVM that the argument took place yesterday evening at around. 6.40pm. According to the driver of the van who filed a report at the. St Julian’s police station, the argument arose because he allegedly went to speak to the other driver about how he was driving.

The two drivers got out of their respective cars and started arguing, when one of them allegedly grabbed a screwdriver. In the  video one of the drivers can be seen chasing the other one with a piece of wood in his hands.

The driver started hitting the van’s windshield with the piece of wood, and then smashed the side passenger window. Some women who were in the same car as well as in other cars tried to calm the situation down.

The Police said that no one was injured in this incident.