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Video: PM comments on motorsport racing track in Ħal Far

Following a Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that today the Government presented to the Planning Authority the application for the building of a car and motorcycle racing track on a Ħal Far land.

Dr Abela was answering a series of journalists’ questions at the end of the Cabinet meeting, during which he announced that the government has the design and financial model ready and also agreed, with the participation of NDSF, so that the racing track is built on land which is already being used for this sport.

The Prime Minister stated that the principle that guided the Government on the car-motorcycle track was that of not taking land in an outside development area.

He said that the industrial space taken for this project, with an investment of €20 million, will be compensated vertically, as the De La Rue factory did.

Dr Abela added that the Government has been working for months on this project, among others, by considering the existing noise impact and that which will be generated, the project’s financing, the impact on Birżebbuġa residents, alternative sites and also a discussion about land in the area which will be taken from third persons to have the track built.