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VIDEO: PM excludes lockdown – considers effective measures like increases in fines

Prime Minister Robert Abela has excluded that the Government will be resorting to a lockdown measure in order to better control the Covid-19 situation in the country.

Dr Abela stated this in comments to the media at the end of a business breakfast in Gozo. The Prime Minister added that, as he announced yesterday in Parliament, an increase in fines in instances where exiting rules are contravened is one of the measures being considered by the Government to ensure there is more observance of the rules.

The Prime Minister further stated that discussions on measures will continue this afternoon, and are expected to be announced shortly. Dr Abela reiterated that the aim of these measures is for the situation to remain stable and under control from the medical aspect.

Asked whether the Government is considering a countrywide lockdown, the Prime Minister replied that the consistent decision by the Government since March has been not to go for a lockdown, and this despite pressures that have been applied.

“I continue to believe the decision should be that we do not go for a lockdown, but rather, that we maintain a balance between health and people’s living. Let us also understand there are many persons whose living depends on their commercial establishments remaining open, and for this reason, we will be ensuring through the measures we will be announcing that this balance which is so essential will continue to be maintained without our resorting to draconian measures, but rather, effective measures to keep the situation under control from the medical aspect,” the Prime Minister stated.