VIDEO: Relaxation of some COVID-19 measures announced after 86% of population vaccinated

Deputy PM and Health Minister Chris Fearne has announced the relaxation of some COVID-19 measures after yesterday, the percentage of those fully vaccinated in Malta reached 86%.

During a press conference, Dr Fearne has announced that from 16 August, the clusters of 200 people can go up to 300 for seated events. This number will increase to 500 people as from 30 August.

The Health Minister also announced that another restriction which has been relaxed concerns people who are in contact with a positive person.  To date, any contacts are obliged to quarantine for 14 days. From 16 August, those who are fully vaccinated and come into contact with a positive case will only have to quarantine for seven days. He explained that a positive person and those in their household will still need to quarantine for two weeks.