Video: Terrorist attack outside Louvre – suspect shouted “Allah hu akbar”

A French soldier who works as a guard at the Louvre museum in Paris opened fire on a suspected aggressor after he tried to break into the shop located under the museum, carrying a suitcase. The French Prime Minister described this morning’s attack as a “terrorist attack.”

The man was armed with a knife and attacked the solder, who fired at him, causing serious injuries.

Sources close to Reuters News Agency confirmed that the man had tried to enter the shop beneath the Museum, carrying a suitcase.

A large-scale security operation is underway with the Home Affairs Minister describing the incident as “serious”.

Details about the incident are still emerging. A spokesman for the French police said that the aggressor began shouting “Allah hu Akbar” but said he was not carrying any explosives. However another report said that the man was wearing a large backpack and was wielding a large knife.