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VIDEO: Two enter to commit burglary at a Tas-Sliema building… and realize they were being filmed

The Police are searching for two men, allegedly foreigners, who this morning entered to burgle an apartments building in Tas-Sliema.

The case occurred at around 9.20 am in a building in Triq Locker when the two men were caught on a CCTV cameras footage in front of an elderly couple’s apartment door.

Suddenly, one of the men realized about the cameras presence in front of the apartment door. At this point, he appeared approaching the camera, lowering his Covid mask and looking straight at the camera.

Not knowing what to do next, the men appear walking towards the common parts stairs, however the other man seems encouraging him to continue moving pretending to be escalating the stairs to the upper floor.

However, the video footage caught the men hiding in the stairs until they returned in front of the apartment door and exited the building.

A report was lodged on the case to Police who immediately started a search for the alleged thieves.