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VIDEO: Watch moment when immigrant was thrown into sea in Mġarr port

A video footage, filmed by a person on site, shows the moment in which an African immigrant was thrown into sea in Mġarr port last weekend.

In the footage acquired by TVM, the migrant is seen arguing and trying to move while some men are holding him and speaking to him as if to calm him down.

Suddently, one of the men who was in their vicinity, wearing a white shirt, grabbed the immigrant from his shoulders, dragged him near the extreme end of the quay and threw him at sea.

The immigrant appears trying to climb back on the quay, however he fell back in the water. Laughter, whistling and shouting is heard in the background, together with condemnation comments by others.

In connection with this case, the Police said that both the immigrant, identified as a Somali, and the Gozitan man who threw him in the sea, will be charged in Court.

Persons who witnessed the incident and wrote on what happened on the social media, alleged that the immigrant was held by the men because he was throwing some objects, while others gave the impression that the immigrant was trying to explain the situation and that he was a victim of bullying.

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