VIDEO: We are holding back on contact sports for the present to safeguard children’s education – Professor Gauci

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci has stated that the decision by the health authorities to not allow contact sports among children under the age of 17 at this point in time has been taken with the aim of safeguarding children’s education in schools.

Professor Gauci added that the health authorities made a careful assessment of the situation, adding there is a greater risk of the virus spreading in sports activities involving contact between athletes.

The Superintendent added that this is the time when children will be sitting for exams, and in the event of a positive case surfacing in a class, all the students will end up in quarantine. As a consequence, one will end up with children unable to take their exams.

For this reason, Professor Gauci added, the authorities felt it would be prudent for children to continue with contactless sports activities in order to remain active, further stating that contact sports will not be allowed for a while longer in order to safeguard the children’s education.