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VIDEO: Woman’s dead body found in her home after three months

The Police are investigating the discovery of a woman who has been dead in her home for three months.

TVM is informed that the 69-year-old British woman was covered with blankets and found in an advanced state of decomposition.

The Police are interrogating the woman’s husband who is believed to have kept her dead body at home. From information obtained by TVM it appears that the man did not file a report when she died and wanted to keep her with him  in their apartment.

The Police went on the scene to the couple’s apartment in Triq San Luqa, Qawra after the woman had not been communicating with the British High Commission, as she usually did. It is understand that the report that the woman might be missing was filed at around 7pm, and when they entered the apartment they found the dead woman in her bed.

It is understood that the husband was held by the Police at a bar near the apartment. He was taken to the Qawra police station where he was questioned at length over the case.

At this stage, the Police are not excluding anything although it appears that the woman may have died of natural causes.

Duty Magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace is leading the inquiry and has appointed various experts to assist her. The Police investigation is being led by Supt Mario Haber, together with Inspector Clayton Camilleri and Sgt Glen Carabott from the Qawra Police station.

The autopsy will take place today and is expected to shed further light into the cause of death.