VIDEO: Yana Mintoff allegedly injured by knife in Tarxien

Yana Mintoff, the daughter of former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff was allegedly slightly injured with a pointed weapon by her partner in Tarxien. is informed that the aggression took place in the early hours of this morning, shortly after midnight when for some reason, Mintoff’s partner, who is of Romanian nationality, injured her slightly in her chest with a pointed weapon. Sources said that during the argument, Mintoff’s son was also injured with two knife wounds to his thigh. It appears that the aggressor, aged 37, set fire to Yana Mintoff’s villa when she and her son went to the Paola Health Centre for medical assistance.

Several units from the Rapid Intervention Unit immediately starting looking for the alleged aggressor while firemen worked to put out the flames. It appears that the aggressor hid in a tree nearby and it was around 1am when members of the Civil Protection Department got him down in an operation which lasted more than two hours. The man was covered with blood and taken to Mater Dei. The condition of the three people involved in the argument is still not known.

A magisterial inquiry has been opened and the police are investigating the case.