VIDEO: Young man with disability tortured on Facebook Live

The Police in Chicago are taking criminal action against four African-Americans after they tortured a white man who has a mental disability, on a Facebook Live video.

_93283507_untitasdfled-2Jordan Hill, Brittany Covington and Tesfaye Cooper, all aged 18, and Tunisia Covington, aged 24, are expected be arraigned in Court today, charged with committing a hate crime, inflicting torture and holding a person against his will. They are also expected to be charged with threatening their victim with a weapon and with being relapsers.

In the video, the aggressors are heard passing disparaging comments about white people and Donald Trump. They are also seen mocking the young man who is in a corner and cannot defend himself.

The Chicago Police have described the incident as “horrifying”.

Josh Earnest, a White House spokesman said that the attack shows “a level of immorality which is scandalous for many Americans”.

He said that he has not yet spoken with Barack Obama about the incident, however he believes that the President will be very angry about this despicable act.