Violinist, who worked with great singers and played with best orchestras, for Malta concert

The internationally renowned violinist Charlie Siem is in Malta to give a concert at the Manoel theatre. His talents were discovered an early age and today he is considered one of the youngest world famous violinists. met with the British musician who has worked with such pop singers as Lady Gaga and Bryan Adams.

Charlie Siem is just 30 years old and has played with the best orchestras in the world, including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra and Rotterdam Philarmonic Orchestra. Siem was born in England from a Norwegian father, who is a billionaire, and an English mother. He began studying the violin at the age of three, when he began hearing the first sounds of the instrument from his mother. His sister is also an international musician.

He has already performed in more than 60 countries, and is the youngest music professor in the UK.  Siem believes that the violin is an extension of himself.

“When I am playing my best it’s an extension of my body, I am literally almost singing the music that I am playing, straight from my body.”

Asked what impact he wishes to leave in the music world, Charlie Siem said that this is a journey which he wishes to build together with his audiences.

“The key is that we love what we do and that it speaks to an audience, that what makes a change.”

Siem has worked with the best singers in the pop scene, such as Lady Gaga who says she is a great fan of his, and Bryan Adams. This violinist has a contract with the giant record label Sony Classical.

On Monday evening at the Manoel theatre, Charlie Siem together with the painist Julian Dyson, will be giving a concert.  The repertoire will include pieces by Beethoven, a sonata by the Norwegian composer Grieg, as well as by the composer of whom he is a descendant, Olde Bull.

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