Volkswagen to “kill” the Beetle and force it off the road

The German car company Volkswagen will be stopping the production of its famous Beetle model in 2019.  This will be the end of an era for this iconic car whose unique design made it stand out on the roads.

Volkswagen said that the final production line of the Beetle will be carried out from its plant in Mexico in July of next year.  Sales have seemed to have gone down over the last few years, especially in the US.

It appears that the decision was taken as Americans are choosing larger and more sporty cars, and because, following the scandal over diesel emissions, Volkswagen chose to reduce its number of car models and focus on those which are family friendly and electric cars instead.

The Beetle was originally designed in the 30s by legendary engineer, Ferdinand Porsche, who today is more synonymous with the famous fast cars. At that time Adolf Hitler wanted car companies to manufacture cheap, more affordable cars for the public.

Following the damage sustained to the plant in WWII, the Germany company ended up in the hands of the allies who breathed new life into vehicle production.

However, the Beetle achieved popularity all around the world when it was used in the films Herbie the Love Bug in the 60s and 70s. Over the years, the production of this model decreased and it was given a new look which led to a surge in sales in the 90s.

The company has not yet discarded the idea of one day creating a new design and launching the Beetle of the future, however for now the roads will have to make due without the traditional ‘beetle’ painted in different unique colours which used to make it stand out from the rest.

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