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Volunteers spend hours knitting to bring joy to those who are sick

A group made up of nine Maltese and British women, spends hours knitting blankets and decorations made out of wool to bring joy to people who are sick in hospital or who are in need. The group Craft and Coffee for Charity collects a large amount of wool from which they are making prosthetics made out of wool for women who have lost their breasts due to cancer.

Instead of getting together just to have a cup of coffee and pass the time, this group of women have formed an organization by means of which, while they are having coffee, they can spend hours knitting and making things out of wool to help and bring joy to others.

Becky Pace Bajona from Crafts & Coffee for Charity said that she had been wondering for many years how she could create something to do some good in the community. She said that this group meets every two weeks to knit large woolen blankets for the homeless, woolen hats and shawls for the poor, as well as decorative items to bring joy to hospital patients.

They are also making prosthetics made out of wool for those who have undergone mastectomies.

Becky Pace Bajona said, “the fact that we bring women together to knit for those in need, brings them joy because someone they do not know is doing something for them.”

The organisation did not have anywhere to meet and knit so  Sarah Cachia from the cafeteria, Jacob’s Brew, has given the space they need to meet up and collect the large amounts of wool they need. Between one word and another, and with their hands working away like machines, the women told us that they are happy doing this voluntary work.

The organisation said that they always need more wool so they welcome any donations of wool of all colours in order for their work to keep going.

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