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Pilgrimage through Luqa streets of the statue dedicated to Our Lady after an absence of 30 years

The 300th year anniversary of the establishment of the Fraternity of the Madonna taċ-Ċintura (Our Lady of the Holy Girdle) in Luqa, is being commemorated this weekend. The commemoration will reach its peak on Sunday when the statue dedicated to Our Lady will be taken out in a Marian Procession through the streets of Luqa to symbolise unity after an absence of 30 years.

The statue has been put on display in the Luqa Parish Church, a statue that has been drawing devotion for 300 years and is linked to the foundation of the Fraternity. When the feast was celebrated one of Luqa’s two bands were always involved, but even in the absence when the celebration was discontinued, Luqa’s Union Band Club still continued to place flower bouquets in front of the statue.

Parish Priest Canon Michael Zammit said differently from what used to happen in the past, this parish initiative is being taken this year as a display of unity in Luqa.

He said the aim is to give the occasion a new significance and leave it purely devotional when the Rosary will be recited and a Holy Blessing will be given at the end.

Canon Zammit said all the parish fraternities will participate in the pilgrimage and the carriers of the statue will be from the two band clubs.

He continued by explaining that the Fraternity holds various artistic objects, among them a set of statues placed on the altar dedicated to Our Lady while the main statue is known by different titles including Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of the Holy Girdle and in the past it was also known as the Feast of the Roses.

He said the main statue throughout the year is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary and is adorned with Rosary beads because it was originally known as thus. However, during August the statue is adorned with a Holy Girdle instead of the Rosary beads. Agreement was reached by the fraternities to share the statue and share the expenses.

Sunday’s pilgrimage will be purely devotional and there will be no bands and no fireworks.

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