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UPDATED: Where can they relocate to from the Ħal Far Open Centre?

Immigrants who have been resident for a year and even more at the Ħal Far Open Centre will have to seek alternative accommodation to make room for newly-arrived immigrants. Some who spoke to TVM appeared worried about the situation they are now facing.

The increase of immigrant arrivals in recent months has caused the authorities to take this measure to remove those resident immigrants who have been at Ħal Far for 12 months and over to make way for new arrivals.

Those that have to relocate are greatly worried as to finding alternative accommodation. Alfaded Mohammed Abdrham has been at the Centre for over a year and is one of those who have to relocate.

“Yes I have to go out of Ħal Far, and this is time, this is bad time living in Ħal Far. No houses this year, no money, no.”

Junayed Ahmed will also have to leave and is at a loss as to where he will go. He said his priority is to find work.

“I don’t know. First I see my working site and work, after I see where I go, now I don’t know.”

Alfaded said he will probably have to move in with friends.

Responding to questions sent by Television Malta, a Spokesperson for the Ministry for Internal Affairs said it is an established procedure that new arrivals at the Centre are given information about their rights and their duties, including that of the termination point when they are requested to relocate their residence into the private community. She explained that during the period, the Ministry works hand-in-hand with entities to provide them with a more independent life.

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