Following defeat by Italy, England ordered to play their next game behind closed doors

Following their defeat against Italy in the Euro 2020 soccer Final, England will have to play their next game behind closed doors. England were defeated 4-3 by Italy after the taking of penalties after the score at 120 minutes had remained 1-1 in a match played at London’s Wembley Stadium in front of mainly English supporters.

The encounter was marred by various incidents including England supporters trying to gain entry without having tickets as well as disrespect when the Italian National Anthem was played.

Further measures also taken was a caution that if such incidents happen again, the England team will have to play for two whole seasons behind closed doors. In addition, the Football Association was fined €100,000 for failing to maintain order and discipline during the match.

On its part the England FA said that although disappointed by UEFA’s decisions, the verdict was acknowledged.

On the 11th of July supporters clashed with Police after trying to access Wembey without tickets. On that day 51 persons were arrested, 26 of them inside the stadium. This caused 19 Police personnel to be injured in their attempts to control fights and arguments priot to the Euro 2020 Final.