Watch: Do you remember the publications Denfil and Sagħtar?

After the summer holidays, thousands of students returned to school. And, on the first day, every student is eager to find out who are his classmates, his new teachers, and what are his school books for that particular year.

Among several books aimed at children, which for many years were used or distributed in schools, are Dolphin (id-Denfil) and Thyme (Saghtar, which are no longer with us, and which are rarely talked about.

At -TVAM , one of the brains behind these books, author and editor Victor Fenech, explained that when Malta was about to obtain her Independence, the Head of State of Malta at the time, Agatha Barbara, had asked that the series of books which was published when Malta was still under the British, ‘A bouquet of roses’ (‘Ġabra ta’ ward’) be changed. Which is how the publication “Id-Denfil” came to be.

Asked what became of Sagħtar. Mr Fenech said that after 354 publications, he believes that its time had passed, as today’s children have become more technological and reading has declined sharply.