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Warmer weather, less rain and stronger wind in January

During the first month of this year the temperatures were a bit higher than normal, while there was fewer rainfall than usual in January.

Air temperature in January varied between the highest of 19.2° Celsius and the lowest was 7°C. The average maximum temperature of 16.9 C was above normal by 1.3 C, while the average minimum temperature was 1.6 Celsius higher than the expected 9.9 C.

No sunny weather on the 15th of January

The sea was also warmer and had an average temperature of 16.5 Celsius when compared with the normal 15.8 C. These higher than average temperatures were accompanied by a total of 169.1 sun hours and clouds covered the sky with 4 okta.

While there was no sunny weather on the 15th of January, two days later there was a maximum of 9.3 sun hours. This was more than the total sun hours in certain cities in France in the first half of January.

Rain with snow in January

The total rainfall in January amounted to 13.3mm, which was 79.6 less than expected in this time of year. In fact it was the least drought January during the past twenty years. The month also experienced rainfall accompanied by snow.

January was also characterized by more windy days, with an average speed of 11.1 knots instead of the usual knots registered for the month.

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