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WARNING: This product should not be consumed

The Directorate of Environmental Health has warned that soy sauce made by the brand Datu Puti should not be consumed because it contains levels of 3-MCPD which are higher than legally permitted.

Name of product Soy Sauce
Brand: Datu Puti
Volume: 750ml
Lot number: ME1117121
Expiration dates: 17/10/2019, 17/03/2020; 17/04/2020

For more information, members of the public may phone the Health Inspectorate Services on 2133 7333 from 8am to 2.30pm or send an email on [email protected].

The public can also refer personally to the offices of the same directorate located at the Continental Business Centre, Old Railway Track, Santa Venera.

The public is also requested to visit the FB page Facebook or the official website for further information.