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“We have reached a point of no return, we either open or we die”- Italian restaurant owner

The owner of a restaurant in central Rome has defied Government Regulations and opened his doors to the general public but was prevented by Police from clients entering.

He said, “we have reached a point of no return – we either open or we die; we cannot wait any longer”.

The owner said he opened to protest the decision that throughout this month bars and restaurants can only offer a takeaway service.

Yesterday a number of restaurant and bar owners came to blows with Police during a protest organised outside the Rome Parliament building. Their theme was they should be allowed to continue working.

The owners said that after 13 months the situation has become horrendous with many unable to pay rent or energy and water bills. Currently, restaurants and bars throughout Italy can only open up to 6 pm and can only offer takeaway food.

In Naples, hundreds of vendors blocked the main highway between Rome and Naples to protest against months of not being able to operate and that they cannot live without any income.