Waste and use of extra energy is among greatest climate change challenges Malta is facing

Climate change is a problem that, while not recognised by every one, or with some thinking it is not their problem, can be solved if only we all pull the same rope.

The Ambassador for Action Against Climate Change, Prof Simone Borg, explained to TVM that Malta has the aim of reducing 19% of its emissions.

She said that a number of challenges exist for this to be carried out including infrastructure and even the size of our country.

While addressing the EU MED Summit in Athens, PM Robert Abela placed the issue of climate change at the top of his agenda and that of European leaders – as he pointed out, the Mediterranean is the most affected by this.

Prof Borg added,

“I think there are other challenges such as our infrastructure because we need to switch to electric vehicles..so we need to see where to place charging points … there also needs to be a change in our mentality as consumers to reduce the amount of energy we are wasting.”

As for how informed and prepared the Maltese population is, Prof Borg said that while the information exists, there are still those who do not recognise the problem. She said that younger generations are better informed and we need to work a lot in this respect.

She explained how Malta forms part of the EU plan which in the years to come will reduce its emissions and therefore Malta has the aim of reducing 19% of it’s emissions.

A lot of work needs to be done, however, in different sectors, such as transport and construction because the material being used pollutes too much.

Prof Borg explained that although 19% sounds like a small amount for our country, it is still a challenge and for this reason the EU has imposed a target for our country which she feels is fair.

“It has also been said that 19% is not ambitious enough, however we need to understand the restrictions we have. First of all we import technology, so we depend on other countries, and we need to wait and see what they will do, however we also have a lot of expenses, more than other countries.”

She said, however, that Malta can still be ambitious and work towards higher targets which are realistic for a country our size.

Prof Borg has also appealed to everyone to work together so that with everyone’s help we can overcome these challenges.

“Many people know about the problem, are afraid of it, but feel that it is only a problem for governments..in other words it is not something they can contribute to, to get rid of it.  However, in fact, any action, as small as it is, even at the level of how we run our homes, what we do as a company, at our place of work, all this can make a difference.”