Wasteserv to participate in European project on landfill management

Wasteserv and the Environment and Resources Authority will be participating in Interreg, a European project aimed at improving management policies for landfill areas in regions and countries taking part in the project. Wasteserv said in a statement that the project, entitled COCOON, has a budget of about 14 million euro, with some 176,000 euro being allocated to finance 85% of the work to be undertaken by the Maltese on this project. Wasteserv will work on its vision to create resources from waste.

Wasteserv stated that the project by the Belgian entity Cleantech Flanders will take some 60 months and will continue until February 2022, with the participation of eight entities from Cyprus, Belgium, Holland, Spain and Malta.

It was stated that the aim of the project is towards development, integrity and improvement in policy instruments. This at a time when subsidies will be increased from programmes on landfill management, and European regions will join forces to study the best methods for implementation. Eventually more land is expected to be reclaimed through this project, and environmental damage avoided. Wasteserv said that these landfill management projects improve the economy and create more jobs in favour of the environment.


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