Watch: 10 year old boy blows audience away

Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl had no idea that the 10 year old boy whom he called up on stage would steal the show. From the moment this boy was handed an electric guitar, he blew the audience away.

This video was taken by a man who was part of that same audience during a concert held in Kansas, USA, six months ago, but the video has only gone viral in recent days when it was published on a music page which is followed by thousands of people.

Visibly impressed by the talent of this young boy, Grohl decided to give him the guitar as a gift.

The boy in the video is Collier Cash who also has a Facebook page where he shares his music. Commenting under the video, Collier said that this was the most beautiful day of his life, and that Grohl was the nicest man he had ever met.

Cash also uses his talent to raise funds for sick children, especially his friend Super Bo, who suffers from a genetic condition which is so rare that doctors refer to it as Bo Syndrome.

One of the best things ever!!!

Gepostet von Brian Gittings am Freitag, 12. Oktober 2018

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