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WATCH: 3,345 students to graduate from University of Malta this year

A total of 3,345 students will be graduating from the University of Malta this year at different levels all the way up to Doctorate level. The graduation ceremonies will begin on Monday and continue for a further three weeks, amounting to a total of 28 ceremonies in all.

The student celebrations began on Thursday evening with a thanksgiving Mass at the San Gwann Co-Cathedral during which the Auxiliary Bishop urged the graduates to be people of integrity, to respect the dignity of others and to work for a better society.

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi said that graduation day should not just be a day of celebration but should be a time when graduates look forward to a career which they have worked towards, and for them to try and live with values which improve their lives and the lives with whom they work, while giving them meaning.

The Bishop referred to three values: integrity, respect towards the dignity of every person and a commitment to make a better society. He said that the country will benefit if people with integrity and who have skills choose what is good, fair and truthful. He urged the graduates to do this even when it is not fashionable or when those around them have a different viewpoint.  He said that the country needs people who use their talents in their profession by being honest and by having integrity, and not profiting from others, or becoming rich through corrupt practices.

He augured that in exercising their profession, the graduates would always show respect towards everyone while protecting their dignity. He urged them to show respect even in what they write, in order to compensate for the insults and hurtful words which are often posed on social media.

He also urged the graduates to retain solid values and work within the community, while taking part in the political, social, economic and cultural life of the country. He warned that when those with good values are afraid to participate, the space is easily filled by others who, instead of doing good, do harm instead. He told them not to let others discourage them, while hoping that they will be agents of a change for the better, using their energy as a force for good to improve society.


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