WATCH: A thank you to country’s heroes

The words ‘Thank you’ have been displayed in many streets of Maltese towns and villages.

It is a united sign of appreciation towards doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, soldiers, members of the Cleansing Department and many other workers who are providing an impeccable service during the Covid-19 situation.

This sign of appreciation also includes an audio-visual production published on Saturday by the Government as a thanksgiving to the country’s heroes. During recent weeks, the Government requested people to send voice messages or videos to professionals who are currently working around the clock to provide a service to the country facing this world pandemic.

The Government also received hundreds of thanksgiving messages which were included in this production and projected on different buildings in various localities.

The words ‘We hold you in our prayer’, ‘There are no words to thank you’ and ‘We love you’ were among messages sent to workers.