Watch: About 300 songbirds confiscated in Gozo – BirdLife

Police officers in Gozo and officers from the Wild Birds Regulation Unit, WBRU, have confiscated some 300 songbirds from a property in Gozo.

BirdLife Malta said the birds were confiscated earlier this month after possibly having been brought to Malta as contraband from Italy to be used as decoys for illegal bird-trapping.

BirdLife added that after probably being illegally trapped in Italy, these birds were destined to be sold to local trappers as well as from different pet shops.

The confiscated birds are from five different species: Serin, Goldfinch, Greenfinch,  Linnet, and Chaffinch. The majority were still young birds and were kept in far from ideal conditions and in very small cages.

BirdLife Malta added that all the birds were handed over to the association to be rehabilitated, ringed, and released in the wild, after being checked out by veterinarians.