WATCH: An island cemetery for bombs on which no one can set foot

It is located five kilometres away from Malta and is the size of two football grounds: Filfla has become a natural reserve and no one can set foot on it without special permission. This island has become a natural sanctuary for birds while it has two endemic species of snails and lizards which are not found anywhere else.

There are two contrasting realities which distinguish Filfla. Although it has been considered a natural reserve for many years where no one can set foot without special permission from MEPA, Filfa is like a cemetery for the large cartridges from the bombs which the British forces used to use during their training with live ammunition, in which the island was their target.

While up until recently Filfla was bombarded mercilessly, our ancestors from the Neolithic age probably considered it as sacred, and the closest we have to it on Malta are the Ħagar Qim and L-imnajdra temples.

Today, Filfla enjoys the highest protection status and wildlife has once again begun to flourish there, especially seabirds, although there appears to be an imbalance between the seagulls and the Mediterranean storm petrel or as it is known in Maltese,  il-kanġu ta’ Filfla.

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