Watch and learn how to disembark from a plane

Some people find it is a headache when it comes time to disembark from a plane, especially when they are sitting at the back.

Many people are so eager to get off that they do not give those in front of them a chance to finish getting their belongings, and instead they get up and try to bring down their hand luggage from the overhead compartments, even when there is nowhere to move.

Many people then end up in the narrow aisle, huffing and puffing and stretching their arms over other passengers, or else they are forced to stand up uncomfortably between their seat and that in front of them, in the belief that since they stood up they will disembark first.

Louise Vadeboncoeur, a crew member who works at Vancouver international airport, seems to be fed up with this lack of common sense.

Therefore, when she finally found a plane full of passengers who started to disembark properly, she took a video of them and posted it as a time lapse on social media, with the hope that others can follow their example and avoid the unnecessary chaos when a plane lands.

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