Watch: Archeologists discover Punic tombs in Ħal Tarxien

Construction works in Tarxien have uncovered national treasures after the discovery was made of seven Punic tombs dating back to the era BC.

The finding, made by archaeologists of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, includes human bones, which used to be burned after death while their coffins were earthenware jugs.

TVM is broadcasting a video taken by archaeologists from the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage at the time they discovered the seven Punic and Roman tombs that are more than 2,000 years old.

Two of the seven graves were found sealed in stone, inside which were found the remains of human bones. The Superintendent of Cultural Heritage, Joe Magro Conti, explained that the findings show that the dead were burned and their ashes were placed in jugs.

“This particle we are seeing here like this piece of the head bowl and here another part of the body are the cremated, burned remains of a person,” said Cultural Heritage Superintendent Joe Magro Conti.

Smaller jugs were found in the tomb, which were filled with food and water, and with a cross on them to help the dead find their way to the afterlife.

“It makes you wonder and think, “they are just like us”. They are burying their people with respect and thinking about the afterlife, worrying about whether they have lived a good or bad life.”

These riches were found in the early stages of development during construction works in Ħal Tarxien last year.

The graves were saved as a result of consensus, patience and cooperation from both the developers and the architects who had to change the basement plans. Some have lost a garage and there are those who have lost two.

Studies will continue to determine, among others, the sex, age and cause of death of these people.

Watch the exclusive video here:

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