Watch: “Art and Crafts at school should be compulsory”

Faculty of Education Deputy Michelle Attard said all students should do art and crafts as part of their academic training as has long been done in Scandinavian countries.

She said this this morning in an interview on the TVAM program on TVMNEWS + where the recent Chamber of Commerce proposal on increasing the compulsory education age from 16 to 18 was discussed.

Dr Attard said that vocational subjects should be for everyone because art and crafts help the student to develop his thinking. She added, that instead, we are forcing students to choose too early what they want to do in life. She said that with a choice of certain subjects, at the age of 16 years a student is limited in the education opportunities he will have after secondary school.

Fabianne Ruggier, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, drew attention to the fact that MCAST was losing students. He also pointed out, that the number of students registering for sixth form was on the decline.