WATCH: Art helps woman with mental health challenges

A 53-year-old woman who suffers from mental health issues, is finding treatment through the art she paints after she was given support by the occupational therapy unit at Mt Carmel hospital. The woman, who began suffering from depression after her mother died, has urged all those who feel that they are suffering from mental health issues to reach out for help, because their lives will change overnight.

Rosette Mintoff is one of the people who have benefitted from the outpatients’ service at Mt Carmel where occupational therapy helps patients find a way to get treatment for various mental challenges. Rosette said that she started feeling her mental health deteriorating rapidly following her mother’s death, as well as other challenges which she has had to face in her life. She said that people who pass through these difficult moments feel that their life is over.

“My mother was very important to me and when I lost her, I was devastated, I felt that everything was over, I took it very badly and I felt like I did not want to live any more.”

Rosette told us that when she was provided with professional help, occupational therapists urged her to take up painting, and it was at that point, through the paintbrush and colours, that her life too started to take on colour just like a painting. She now feels like she has been re-born.

“Painting relaxes me a lot, all my problems disappear with art, which is something I love.”

An exhibit at Mt Carmel entitled Hope in the Journey of Recovery, displays the works of the hospital patients, both those who are residents as well as outpatients. This exhibition was put up with the help of artist Matthew Cassar and will remain open until this Sunday.